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Plano Schotel 20 cm - white marble

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Plano is een schotel en is plat zodat je eenvoudig miljoenen schotels kan stapelen mocht je er zoveel hebben. Daarboven is het ook plat omdat we hopen dat je dat mooi vindt.

Plano is a high-quality gypsum composite plate. Carefully designed and handcrafted in Mivas, a social worklplace. Plano’s form can be used as a decorative display for any object you would like. 

Due to its handcrafted character, each object is completely unique and can differ from the shown pictures. Don’t use the decorative products to store/display naked food. 

Spilled some drinks or food?

First, try to wash off the dirt with water and if needed a little bit of very mild soap. If that doesn’t work, very fine sandpaper (1000 + ) can be a solution. Finish off your sanded product with wetting the whole product and drying it again completely and egelay with a soft towel.

Voor elk verkocht artikel van House Raccoon, wordt er trouwens een boom geplant.

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